Five Reasons to change your furnace filter

Is your heater performing less efficiently or starting to break down during winter? The probable problem could be the clogged air filter. Changing your furnace filter is an important thing to do so as to keep your heating system in proper working order. This is a simple and affordable maintenance task that is often neglected by many homeowners. Air filters are relatively easy to access and replace. It is recommended to change your furnace filter at least every three months, especially during summer and winter seasons because it is when your HVAC unit gets much use. Why is replacing furnace filters important? Below are top reasons why you need to swap your furnace filters frequently.

Keeping the energy costs down

When your filter is dirty, your system will strain and work harder to pump the same amount of air. If your system uses more energy to work properly, the energy costs will start to rise. Swapping your filter at least after every three months will ensure your system works efficiently with minimal energy. This will save you as much as 10% of your energy bills.

Maintain good indoor air quality

A dirty air filter affects the quality of air in your home. The pollutants that are trapped by the filter will be redistributed into your home. The dirty filter will make things hard especially for people with allergies or asthma in your home. The contaminants and allergens in the redistributed air will affect your household. Ensure your furnace filters are clean so as to stay safe.

Extend the life of the system

Dirty air filters are the most common cause of the breakdown of HVAC systems. After a long period of use, dirt accumulates, blocking air from passing and even cause the system to overheat. This will strain the system because it fails to get enough air it needs to function properly. When you keep your filter clean, your system will run efficiently, which implies that its lifespan won’t be cut short by the breakdown of components.  More information on AC repair orlando.

Keep your HVAC system working properly

If you forget to change your air filter, your system will fail to function properly leading to expensive maintenance calls. A clogged filter affects the flow of air through the system and it can result in overheating. You can save yourself the stress and have peace of mind by swapping your filters regularly.

Keeps your system clean

It is obvious that a dirty air filter can equal a dirty furnace. If dirt clogs up in the filter, it can easily pollute the entire system. You may then have to incur repair and service expenses you had not planned for yet.

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