When to worry: HVAC system odors and what they mean

After spending some years in your home, you’ll begin to recognize and get used to some odors in your home. This problem occurs when an unrecognized smell pushes through your drains or vents, and pollutes the air in your home. In some cases, this bad smell doesn’t mean it’s something serious, but who wants to overlook such odor in the home? Most of these smells requires the attentio of an expert to take some professional look. Some common causes are:


Living or dead animals somewhere in your ductwork can cause odor. This suspicious smell may be from the animal itself or its wastes. If the animal isn’t dead, you may notice other signs of the new pest. You may see have evidence that it’s eating your feed and you may hear it scurrying around. Handle this unwanted guest as soon as you can, because small rodents and bugs reproduce quickly and the problem may worsen.

Take immediate action as soon as you know there is an animal in your system. The waste and odors from the animals can get you sick. It is better to call a professional to remove the animal from the system.

Gas Odors

If you smell gas, you have to find the source imstantly. Ensure your burners and all other appliances that emit gas are turned off. If they are off already, there may be a leak somewhere. We advise you leave the premises and contact the fire department. The gas smell could also be from your furnace.

You won’t be able to perceive some gases such as carbon monoxide or radon. Carbon monoxide detectors are very important. Whenever you are dealing with gas leakage, it is best to contact an expert immediately.


It has a pungent smell and quite easy to spot. In most cases, you will smell molds but you won’t see them – especially if they are being formed behind areas like walls. It isn’t rare to have molds in the bathroom or damp areas like your basement. Address mold issues with alacrity because it can spread and pose health risks to you and your family.

Drain Odor

If you perceive unusual smells coming through your drains, it is most likely a situation of blockage in the plumbing system. In some cases, using a cheap clog remover is all you’ll need to get rid of the blockage and get your plumbing pipes up and running again. In other cases, you will need the help of a plumber to remove this obstruction in the pipes. If it smells like sewage, it is an indicator of a bigger problem that you need to address now rather than later.

Foul smells in homes can lead to big headaches for homeowners sometimes. So, don’t waste time before you call in an expert to find and solve the problem for you.

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